[doc·u·men·ta·ry films]
n. 1: a work presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration

n. 1: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement
syn: photoplay

[in production]


topic: new economic and social centers of palestinian life filmed over the course of ten years +
style: historical. observatory.



I spent hours, days, weeks - and returned again after years, and returned again - hanging around this checkpoint, witnessing, documenting how the checkpoint became a social and economic center for Palestinians and at the same time also became a true no-man's-land.Qalandia is more than a checkpoint, more than a symbol of Israeli occupation and Palestinian destitution and attempt to overcome difficulties, it shows how even the most surreal space becomes normalized into daily life, how what started out as an occasional checkpoint became a definitive - although contested - border between Israel and the Palestinians. But in doing so, it has also allowed for a range of new economic and social relations to blossom and disappear.

This film traces the 'history' of Qalandia but also brings into the focus its function as a space that stops time. The camera's gaze is not on the soldiers, on the barricades and the fortifications (what one would expect from a 'checkpoint movie') but on the taxi drivers, the merchants, the toys, the fingers thumbing through ID cards, and the range of relations that have both historically grown and shrunk since the early 2000's, as the checkpoint itself has materially grown and managed to shrink the space around it.

Filmed at the Qalandia Checkpoint at various intervals between 2003 - 2014
Release Date TBD


i.so.chro.nism. twenty-four hours in jabaa


topic: culture as victim of war
style: experimental. juxtaposition of sounds and flashing images

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events occur between intervals of shooting:
israeli soldiers take over a palestinian village surrounding the dark night with
sounds of machine guns, bombs and screaming; quick glimpses of palestinian day
time life are held hostage: the women dancing and singing at a wedding, the ritual
of a goat slaughter, the idyllic olive groves, the making of bread in old style ovens.
the destruction is quick but long-lasting: shell-shocked children, blown-up cars,
houses swathed in bullet holes, uprooted trees. a man who lost his house points
his finger in blame; each has a story to tell but the sounds of war are loudest.

filmed in the palestinian west bank village of jabaa
2004. 6 minutes 40 seconds. 16:9 ratio


not going there, don't belong here


topic: palestinian refugees in lebanon
style: narrative. self-reflexive

An expository and reflective piece on the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Through various interviewees and the film-maker herself, the film addresses the problems the refugees face from the lack of job opportunities to medical care and the relentless desire to return to a homeland still forbidden.

Filmed in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.
2002. 26 minutes.