name helga tawil-souri
status always trying to cross boundaries
residence new york city
associate professor department of media, culture, and communication / new york university
director hagop kevorkian center for near eastern studies / new york university
affiliated faculty department of middle eastern and islamic studies / new york university

helga is a media scholar whose work focuses on issues of spatiality, technology, and politics in the middle east. the bulk of helga's scholarship analyzes cultural and technology in everyday life in palestine/israel, theorizing how media technologies and infrastructures function as control and bordering mechanisms, and how territorial/physical boundaries function as cultural spaces. she writes on contemporary palestinian cultural politics, internet, telecommunications, television, cinema, videogames, as well as physical markers such as ID cards, checkpoints and buffer/border zones.

a palestinian, helga grew up in lebanon and oman, and thereafter, from a young age moved around various parts of the middle east, europe and north america. while this has given helga the opportunity to become fluent in six and a half languages it has also heightened her need for constant mobility, whether expressed territorially or in other ways. she has also had the (un)fortunate luck of growing up having to cross various checkpoints and borders, negotiating multiple visa and travel bureaucracies, and spending lots of time in transit zones, which has only made her more obsessed with such spaces from a theoretical standpoint. in her life before academia, helga worked as a researcher at sony pictures entertainment for three years and left the media business to start and run her own internet consulting firm which she did for five years

finding a sense of fixity and dimension in being behind the scenes, helga is also a photographer and documentary film-maker



time of day sunrise
time of year in between seasons
historical period modernism
places on the streets towards an unknown destination with a camera in hand
feeling "flaneur"
poet baudelaire
theorists antonio gramsci + jean-paul sartre
novel voyage au bout de la nuit, celine / 1932
film the five obstructions, jorgen leth & lars von trier / 2003

by email: helga@nyu.edu

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