n. 1: an image, especially a positive print, recorded by a camera and reproduced on a photosensitive surface.
syn: simulacrum

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geographic [random] thematic [chaotic] palestine-israel [reccurring]
california [various: i-phone]
black + white
acca [2003: analog]
lebanon [various: mixed]
dead sea [various: mixed]
new york city / ny [various: mixed]
buffer zones + checkpoints
galilee [2003: analog]
london & liverpool/ uk [2010: fish-eye]
gaza airport [2003: analog]
california [various: mixed]
doors + gates
gaza city [2003: analog]
shanghai / china [2011]
flowers + trees + plants
hebron [2014: iphone]
punta cana / dominican republic [2011: i-phone]
food + drink
jabaa [2003: analog]
catania / sicilia [2011: i-phone]
  jaffa [various: mixed]
barcelona / spain [2010: fish-eye]
letter + words + sentences
jerusalem [various: mixed]
nanjing / china [2011]
looking down: stairs floors grounds
masada [2003: analog]
mt. etna / sicilia [2011: i-phone]
nablus [2003: analog]
cambridge / ma [2011: i-phone + b&w]
'occupy wall street' [october 2011]
naqab / negev [various: mixed]
bosnia-herzegovina [???]
  qalandia checkpoint [various: mixed]
slovenia [mixed]
skyscraper views
qalqilya [2003: analog]
italy [???]
rafah [2003: analog]
dubai / uae [2009]
ramallah [various: mixed]
new york state [2008]
safad [2003: analog]
crete [2001] [analog]
tiberias [2003: analog]
abu dhabi / uae [2009]
landscape [various: mixed]

nicosia + pyla, cyprus [2008]

'israeli occupation [various: mixed]
    palestinian graffiti [various: mixed]


travelogues [old school]

before digital cameras, digital photobooks, and everything else i may take for granted now... i used to put together my photographs, thoughts, and impressions down on paper, and then slowly try to parse them together in digital form using scanners, glue, paper, kodachrome and the like. here are three that have survived the onslaught of 'new' media:


egyptian photographs: people [1999]
snapshots of people and passing thoughts [29 photos: manual slideshow]

riccordi italiani. italy-an memories [1998-9]
a tribute to living in italy in the form of a collage of photographs, journal and memoriabilia [27 photos: random diary]

images and thoughts on yemen [1998]
unforgettable days in a most amazing land and country. pictures of people and places and journal full of trip details [137 photos: daily diary]